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REDUCE DISTRACTED DRIVER COMPLAINTS! This “Elbow Pillow” lets drivers focus better.

The Driver’s Elbow Pad fits vehicles of all  sizes – Big Rigs, Vans and Passenger Vehicles


A Problem Worth Solving – Driver’s Elbow

Keep Your Truckers On The Road

56% of random drivers surveyed reported left elbow pain while driving with their arm resting on the thin, hard window frame. 61% of them reported the pain as 3 or higher on a scale of 1-5, yet several shared that they haven’t told their supervisor or doctor due to concern of having their hours cut. This pain, known at “Driver’s Elbow” or “Trucker’s Elbow” is generally caused by imperfect roads and “torsional vibrations” caused by the engine’s pistons firing thousands of times per minute. The resulting pain can become a distraction, even momentarily, and make drivers less safe. According to, “Shoulder, elbow, and wrist injuries (often referred to as upper extremity injuries) are common for professional truck drivers. The causes of these injuries include…driving with one elbow on the window frame…” The Driver’s Elbow Pad is installed without tools by vertically sliding the frame between the window and the weather stripping, then sliding horizontally along the window ledge to position the elbow to comfortably and safely holding the steering wheel with both hands.

Introducing Driver’s Elbow Pad

DEP Dark GreyThis patent-pending device was developed to help prevent and soothe elbow pain naturally, while driving long distances. It provides a 2″ thick, soft pillow to rest the driver’s elbow. It allows the window, mechanical or electric, to roll up or down with the device in place. And a frame for use on sliding windows is being developed.

We can even embroider your company’s logo or message on the pad cover for unique, lasting, and relatively inexpensive:

  • Safety Awards,
  • Gifts (birthday, anniversary, or holiday), and
  • Driver Retention or Recruitment Tools. With the well-documented Driver Shortage, the Driver’s Elbow Pad is a wonderful way for trucking companies to show their drivers that they truly do care about keeping them comfortable and safer while on the road.

It Can Help Decrease Driver Missed Hours and Reduce Worker’s Comp Claims

According to one concerned driver’s wife: “My husband is a delivery driver and has had elbow pain for over 3 years. Doing research online we found that the ulnar nerve was affected from long-term pressure, possible surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve may be a necessity. My husband decided that mentioning this to the doctor was not an option as we could not afford the time off work and loss of job that could take place during surgery and recovery. So he deals with this pain daily…”  from Lorna C. in Warsaw, IN

According to Deborah R., Director of the Worker’s Compensation Program at California’s Schools Insurance Authority, “At an average claim cost of $18,587 (in the first year, alone), by avoiding just one Worker’s Comp claim, a trucking firm could realize significant ROI.”  In perspective, saving even a single Worker’s Comp claim could buy Driver’s Elbow Pads for a fleet of over 1500 drivers!

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