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What is Drivers Elbow? 

“Driver’s Elbow”, also called “Trucker’s Elbow”, is formally called “Ulnar Nerve Entrapment” or “Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.” It is a condition involving irritation or inflammation of of the Ulnar Nerve in the elbow that results in pain or numbness. The effected Ulnar Nerve is informally known as “The Funny Bone.” According to our random surveys at truck stops, this pain has been experienced by 56% of truck drivers, many of whom confessed they generally don’t tell their supervisors or medical staff due to fear of having their hours cut. The Driver’s Elbow Pad can help soothe this pain in the 56% of those drivers that have had it, as well as help prevent the pain in the 44% of those drivers that have not yet had this pain, especially since the average truck driver is now 55 years old and legally drives up to 11 hours a day.

One of the primary causes of this condition is when long-distance drivers place their left arm on the thin, hard plastic of the window frame, as it vibrates from vehicle and road motion, for hours at a time. While the right arm and elbow often move (to use the CB, change radio stations, sip drinks, adjust radio volume or GPS, reach for snacks, their lap, control the steering wheel, and more) the left arm has limited options between the steering wheel, lap and the window frame. Many trucks don’t even offer left side arm rests on driver seats.

The Ulnar Nerve runs from the neck to the pinky and half of the ring finger, as one of the three primary nerves in the arm. The bent arm position further exposes the Ulnar Nerve, located behind the inside part of the elbow, making it even more vulnerable to irritation.

Truck Driver describing Driver’s Elbow

What generally begins as elbow pain, can evolve into numbness, tingling or contraction of the pinky and ring fingers. Severe cases may require surgery with up to a two-year recovery period. Non-invasive treatments include changing one’s activities (such as not driving with the arm on the window frame) and braces. The Ulnar Nerve is what provides feeling to the pinky and half of the ring finger, controls the fine-motor movements in the hand, as well as bigger muscles in the hand allowing a strong grip, and larger muscles in the forearm.

The Driver’s Elbow Pad is a non-surgical alternative is available for prevention and treatment of this elbow pain. It is not FDA approved, and we are not claiming to be a medical device, yet our (and others’) experience demonstrates that it does help prevent and soothe this pain, naturally. Logically, doesn’t it make sense that resting the elbow on a 2” thick, high-density foam pillow, absorbing many of the vibrations of the truck and road, would be more comfortable than “resting” it on thin, hard plastic or metal? Think of it as an elbow pillow. AND IT’S AFFORDABLE! Most importantly, this pad can help prevent the pain from occurring, by comfortably supporting the elbow while reducing the exposure to the shaking of the truck and the road. And as the old saying goes, “Prevention is the best medicine.”

For more details on Driver’s Elbow, see the following article in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons about “Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome)”.


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