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Soothing Elbow Pain for Drivers

The Driver’s Elbow Pad is a patent-pending device to comfort “Driver’s Elbow” (Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome), a common professional driver injury, which is left elbow pain or numbness caused by “resting” the left elbow on the narrow, hard driver’s door panel while driving. Yet, it can also safely immobilize the left arm to assist in soothing shoulder pain to assist in driver’s health and welfare. No tools are required for device installation between the window and weather stripping.

According to Yahoo , “Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome, also known as Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, is a condition that develops based on how the body is currently being used, its history of previous injury and trauma and the unconscious habits that might be adding to strain along the Ulnar nerve pathway…Eliminating those motions or postures as much as possible will help in your effort to restore normal and natural function…The first common habit that will almost always end in injury to the Ulnar nerve and compression of the Ulnar tunnel is if you rest your elbow on an armrest or on a table, workbench or desk.”

The Driver’s Elbow Pad is designed for long-distance drivers, such as truckers, commuters, sales reps, police, taxi-drivers, or RV enthusiasts. The inventor developed Driver’s Elbow after driving 2,000 miles in one week doing his medical sales. Not finding a sufficient solution to soothe the pain naturally, he invented one that is now available to you or your friends. The device is essentially a pillow for the elbow, providing a full two-inch-thick cushion to help prevent or soothe left elbow pain. They make wonderful gifts for your loved ones.  The Driver’s Elbow Pad can help long-distance drivers prevent or reduce distracting pain, be more comfortable and better able to focus on the road.

DEP Ulnar Nerve Picture                                                    IMG_3541                                                                    Driver's Elbow Pad - Drive More Comfortably. Drive Safer.

Keep Your Elbow-Pain Drivers Safer and Prevent or Soothe Elbow Pain or Shoulder Pain Naturally
(Reported by 56% of Randomly Surveyed Truck Drivers)

61% Reported the Pain as 3 or higher on a Scale of 1-5, but often don’t report pain or numbness to management due to reported fear of hours cut or possible lay off due to time missed.

The Driver’s Elbow Pad can also immobilize the left arm during the healing process (i.e. after Tommy John Surgery) to help soothe shoulder pain or elbow pain, by providing a natural healing support while still allowing mobility in case of emergency, rather than being restrained due to a sling.


To set up a time to discuss how the Driver’s Elbow Pad can help your associates return to work sooner and reduce Worker’s Comp Claims, please email the inventor and founder, Bob Quinlan,

According to “Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries (often referred to upper extremity injuries) are common for professional trucker drivers. The causes of these injuries include…driving with one elbow on the window frame…”

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