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For Long-Distance Drivers

Long-distance drivers (such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, commuters, sales reps, police, taxi-drivers, vacationers or RV enthusiasts) often drive with their left arm resting on the thin, hard window frame. The acts of bending and rotating the arm to safely hold the steering wheel with both hands exposes the Ulnar Nerve to the “torsional vibrations” of the window frame, caused by the engine pistons firing thousands of times per minute and rough roads, that can gradually irritate or inflame the exposed nerve. This can eventually become painful or numb, creating a condition called “Driver’s Elbow” due to irritation of the Ulnar Nerve located on the inside of the elbow. This is increasingly important as the average truck driver is now fifty-seven years old and legally drives often in this same positionup to eleven hours a day! While the right arm and elbow move more frequently to reach for various belongings in the vehicle (CB, radio, telephone, snacks, drinks, CDs, and others), the left arm and elbow generally does little more than rest on the window frame, lap, and steering wheel. Severe cases may require surgery to repair the elbow pain. The patent-pending Driver’s Elbow Pad is designed to naturally prevent or soothe this potentially distracting shoulder or elbow pain of drivers.

The Driver’s Elbow Pad frame and its 2″ thick pad require no tools for installation; it simply slides down the driver-side window between it and the weather stripping, then along the window to safely hold the steering wheel with both hands. These “elbow pillows” make wonderful gifts and awards for drivers. While the device is in place, the window can still be rolled up or down. It easily fits trucks, cars, and RVs with windows that roll up and down (mechanical or manual). We are developing a frame to fit windows that slide side-to-side. We fully guarantee that the device will fit your vehicle—if it doesn’t, simply return the device with your receipt and the year and make of your vehicle (so that we can update our records about which vehicles are not designed to accommodate the Driver’s Elbow Pad) and we will gladly refund your money, including shipping charges. The Driver’s Elbow Pad can help long-distance drivers naturally prevent or reduce distracting elbow or shoulder pain, be more comfortable, and better able to focus on the road.

“The U.S. government projects that 330,000 new truckers will be needed by 2020.” From:

DEP Ulnar Nerve Picture      2015-11-4 DEP Frame, Cover & Pad                             2014-8-18 DEP Reseach at D & O-Jackson, CA (4)

There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S., alone. This type of elbow pain has been experienced by 56% of the random trucker drivers surveyed at truck stops, where 61% of them stated the pain was a “3” or higher, on a scale of 1-5. Several drivers shared that they don’t report the pain to their supervisor or medical staff due to concern of having their hours cut back or possibly being laid off if they miss too much time from work. When drivers aren’t distracted by pain, they are better able to concentrate and drive safer. The Driver’s Elbow Pad can make the public highways safer for us all.

Below is an unscripted, unrehearsed trucker testimonial by Brian S., that has driven nearly 3 million “Safe Driving” miles during his 26-year career.

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Truck Driver Testimonials:

“I’ve been driving trucks for 30 years and this is the best thing, comfort wise, to come along since the air ride seat!” Gary C.

Driver’s Wife’s Testimonial:

“My husband is a delivery driver and has had elbow pain for over 3 years. Doing research online we found that the Ulnar Nerve was affected from long term pressure, possible surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve may be a necessity. My husband decided that mentioning this to the doctor was not an option as we could not afford the time off work and loss of job that could take place during surgery and recovery. So he deals with this pain daily…”
Lorna C. (concerned wife of Sean C.)
Warsaw, IN 46582

Trucker Blog:

According to “Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries (often referred to upper extremity injuries) are common for professional trucker drivers. The causes of these injuries include…driving with one elbow on the window frame…”