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REDUCE DISTRACTED DRIVER RISK with The Driver’s Elbow Pad that fits vehicles of all  sizes – Big Rigs, Vans and Passenger Vehicles.

Keep your truckers on the road and keep them comfortable with your company. With today’s well-documented severe driver shortage, show your existing drivers (retention) or prospects (recruiting) that your company truly cares for your drivers and will take care of them. The patent-pending Driver’s Elbow Pad is designed to naturally prevent or soothe “Driver’s Elbow” or “Trucker’s Elbow,” a painful condition from driving with the left arm “resting” on the thin, hard window frame for extended periods of time. This irritation is caused by imperfect roads and “torsional vibrations” due to engine pistons firing thousands of times per minute. Driver’s Elbow is irritation of the Ulnar Nerve (commonly referred to as the “Funny Bone.”) This elbow pain or numbness can become an unsafe distraction, even temporarily, while driving.

The Driver’s Elbow Pad has several potential benefits, which is most important to you?

  • Reducing driver’s time missed from work
  • Reducing worker’s comp claims and premiums or
  • Truck Driver recruitment or retention

There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the U.S., alone. The average truck driver is now 57 years old and drives up to 11 hours a day. This elbow pain has been experienced by 56% of the random truck drivers surveyed at random truck stops, where 61% of them stated the pain was a “3” or higher, on a scale of 1-5. Several drivers shared that they don’t report the pain due to concern of having their hours cut back or possibly being laid off if they miss too much time from work (see testimonials). When drivers are not distracted by pain, they are better able to concentrate on their driving, making them more focused on their driving and safer for us all.

DEP Ulnar Nerve Picture     2015-11-4 DEP Frame, Cover, Pad              2014-8-18 Drivers Elbow Pad Research (2)

Worker’s Comp Director testimonial:

“At an average claim cost of $18,587, by avoiding just one Worker’s Comp claim, a trucking firm could realize significant ROI.”  Deborah R., Director of the Worker’s Compensation Program at California’s Schools Insurance Authority. The saved expense of a single Worker’s Comp claim could buy Driver’s Elbow Pads for 1500 drivers!

Not only does the Drivers Elbow Pad prevent or soothe “Driver’s Elbow”, it can be a wonderful morale boost, demonstrating how much your company cares for your most valuable resources—your people. We can even have your company’s logo or message embroidered on each device (or made in your company colors). They make unique, long-lasting Safety Awards, Anniversary and other Gifts, and Driver Retention or Recruitment tools.


“We ask a lot from our drivers that average 17 years with us. Sometimes, like we did with the Driver’s Elbow Pad comfort device, it’s good to give them something without expecting anything in return-they loved it.” Quentin W. Operations Manager, AWF Express


“I had the chance to try your product out on my drive back home” (from the Fleet Safety Conference in 2016). “It was comfortable and relaxing.”  And he took it to their state’s W/C carrier for evaluation. John F., Fleet/Safety Compliance Manager for OATS, Inc. with 750 truck Fleet

Customize for Your Company with your Logo, Branding or Company Colors

Having your company logo added to Driver’s Elbow Pads, your drivers can see repeated reminders, every time they open or close their cab door, that your company truly cares for them. You can design pads with various company or safety logos to be rotated periodically (i.e. quarterly or yearly). We can even make them in your company colors. Investing in Driver’s Elbow Pads for your drivers can help you…

  • reduce costs,
  • increase productivity and
  • improve driver commitment.

For custom pricing for your fleet, contact directly.

Studies show that employees perform even better when they are emotionally connected to, and feel appreciated by, their employers–even more so than being given pay raises. How would you imagine this tool would affect your driver’s loyalty to (and performance for) your company?

Your company is spending money on these matters somewhere, between missed driver hours, lost revenue, Worker’s Comp premiums paid, and recruiting or driver retention costs. Now you can invest in a unique, long-lasting, inexpensive tool to show your drivers that you truly value them and want them comfortable.

2015-12-3 DEP Covers 1 2015-12-3 DEP Custom Covers 2 DEP Custom Covers-Logo 2016-8-31-bimbo-bakeries-dep-on-frame 2016-8-31-16-bimbo-bakeries-dep

Bimbo Bakeries purchased 438 Driver’s Elbow Pads to truly celebrate National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week during September 10-16, 2017

With extra motivation due to the National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week (9/11-9/17/2016), four regions of Bimbo Bakeries did something spectacular for their drivers—they customized 438 Driver’s Elbow Pads with large company logo and various Safety or Appreciation slogans (i.e. “Thank You for Being Safe” or “We support our drivers”) embroidered on them to demonstrate that the company truly values their drivers and wants them both comfortable and safe. The drivers are reminded of the company’s message every time they enter or leave the tractor. The units are basically “elbow pillows” for long-distance drivers that often “rest” their arms on the window frame.

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The Driver’s Elbow Pad offers natural prevention and pain relief without surgery. And, as the old saying goes, “Prevention is the best medicine.”

For a quantity discount price quote or to discuss how the Driver’s Elbow Pad can have a positive direct effect on your bottom line, email the inventor and founder, Bob Quinlan, at

The critical driver shortage is well documented. According to FleetOwner on April 26, 2016, “Large TL fleet driver turnover rate hits 102%. The annualized turnover rate for large truckload fleets rose two percentage points in the fourth quarter of 2015 to 102%, the second straight quarter it was at least 100% – the first such streak since 2012. This elevated turnover rate shows that the driver market remains a challenge for truckload fleets,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello. “Obviously, attracting and retaining drivers remains a top concern for the industry.”

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“The U.S. government projects that 330,000 new truckers will be needed by 2020.” From:

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1-9 Devices are $30 each and we’ll embroider your company logo (1 1/4″ X 1 1/4″) for $9 each (plus 1-time fee of $50.00 for digitization)**.

Larger custom logos and/or messages may be placed on 5″ X 6″ surface for additional fee.

For further discounted pricing for larger purchases  (i.e. fleet of 10 or more, please contact Founder, Bob Quinlan, directly at for a quote of your interests).

We gladly accept checks, credit or debit cards, or company purchase orders (P.O.) for stock orders; terms for stock items-require 50% deposit and the balance due in 30 days.

Custom orders (with embroidery) require full payment when ordered. . Please send P.O. to

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