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What is Drivers Elbow? 

“Driver’s Elbow”, also called “Trucker’s Elbow”, is formally called “Ulnar Nerve Entrapment” or “Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.” It is a condition involving irritation or inflammation of of the Ulnar Nerve in the elbow that results in pain or numbness. The effected Ulnar Nerve is informally known as “The Funny Bone.” According to our random surveys at… More Info >>

Blogs for Truckers

There are a lot of resources online for professional truck drivers.  Here is a list of blogs written for or by truckers or trucking companies. Trucker’s Life Ask the Trucker On the Road Trucker to Trucker Blog So You Want to be a Truck Driiver Platinum Drivers, Inc. Trailer Talk Highway Hags SmartTruckingBlog Real Truck… More Info >>